Company Profile
The Company was founded in august 2002 by M. Petrovic. Mr. Petrovic knows the Airport Business very well, and has 24 years experience in the Airline industry.

Its activities are focussed on:

  • transport and maintenance, registration of equipment and transport materials.
  • Maintenance and Planning programs of Airport Equipment.

In these fields we offer our services straight to our customers. We can also act as a mediator at the wish of our clients. The knowledge we not possess we seek outside our company. The knowledge of transport logistics was gathered during 21 years of experience in different areas:

  • airfreight- airfreight operational
  • organisation of transport logistics by road
  • custum affairs dealing with import and or export regulations
  • knowledge of internal means of transport and materials
  • support as mediator within these fields or on other fields, with guidance of external advisors, in the areas according to our client's wishes.

Main activities:

  • Advising and Research
  • Airport Equipment and technical services
  • Conditioned Transports and Stocking
  • Human Help Equipment

Owner and founder of Globe Services is Mr. M. Petrovic