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Hydraroll Pneumatic Aircargo Rollertrack System

The purpose of pneumatically raised roller track is to provide an efficient roller system to enable the movement of loads, product or machinery within a predetermined location.

The principle of pneumatically raised roller track is to have the rollers available only when movement is required, with the load safely located on a floor at all other times.

Hydraroll Pneumatic Roller Track needs only a low pressure air supply to raise the rollers above the level of the surrounding floor.

  • The worlds most versatile low height pneumatic roller track.
  • Top plate positively secured preventing lifting or twisting.
  • Aluminium extruded main channel allowing a lighter and more robust construction.
  • Easy to install.
  • 16mm Roller Lift to aid pallet movement.
  • The Principle of Pneumatic Roller Track

The origin of the invention of pneumatic roller track lay in the need to improve the manual loading of vehicles. Hydraroll pneumatic roller track has been used for many diverse purposes including:

  1. The loading of air cargo unit load devices.
  2. Within dry freight vehicles for regular palletised goods.
  3. Simple conveyor system on manufacturing lines.
  4. Specialised carpet carrying vehicles.
  5. Test rigs within environmental test chambers.
  6. Mobile mass entertainment vehicles.
  7. Specialised mobile banks & stock exchange field units.

The simplicity of the system means that Hydraroll pneumatic roller track can be used whenever a roller compatible load needs to be moved and then held stationary on a flat floor.

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Logistics for small spaces

Due to an increasing lack of space, the demand for small distribution vehicles is on the increase. Everyone is familiar with the situation in city areas, but 3.5t vehicles are now also frequently used in rural areas. With the City-L 3.5, NETRAS is capitalising on a number of familiar disadvantages of the conventional vehicles available on the market.

Unique characteristics

The City-L has a high payload, an adjustable load floor and comes equipped with changeable units. This makes the vehicle cost-efficient, flexible and ergonomically sound. For more information, look under “advantages”.

Wide range of uses

The Netras City-L has a wide range of uses, and is particularly suitable for use where there is a need or demand for smaller distribution vehicles. An obvious example is in urban areas, but the possible uses for this vehicle are much more wide ranging. Did you know that approximately 86% of commercial vehicles in the Netherlands are GVW 3.5t class vehicles?

Multimedia Rear-View Mirror System with navigation
A new innovated multimedia product which combines a vehicle rear view optical mirror with built in 4" LCD TFT Display. This integration allows the drivers to safely view objects behind the vehicle through CCD cameras, or using GPS Navigation Systems with the LCD display, or connecting DVD or video devices for in-vehicle entertainment purpose (while vehicle is in park).
  • Day/Night mode
  • Integrated functions of AV and rear image monitoring(compatible with 1 CCD camera)
  • Route auto-rearrangement when digressing
  • Voice instruction
  • Map / Site index.
  • Display on 4" TFT LCD Mirror Monitor
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Universal type Mirror Monitor for all different vehicles